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1. Instruction to passengers

1.1 The passengers in tour groups or individual passengers are requested to complete the formality of embarkation at the entry-exit control hall of the port.
1.2 All passengers are required to bold with them their valid passport and approved visa together with the cruise ticket on that very day for checking in at the entry-exit control hall of the port.
1.3 After the check – up of the personal information of the passengers done by the staffs of the cruise, they are handed over with an ALL – PURPOSE CARD --- an electronic magnetic card and are quested to reserve the rest stub of the ticket with them.
1.4 The passengers are required to undergo an exit security procedure of baggage check-up.
1.5 The passengers are requested to go through a check-up procedure by security guard of the cruise while they need to reserve the second stub of the ticket with them.
1.6 Then passengers have their ALL –PURPOSE CARD to be varied at the Reception Desk before straightly entering into cabins.

2. How to use All-purpose card

2.1 ALL-PURPOSE CARD can be used with its integrative function such as key of the cabin, identity recognition, rechargeable consumption, checking out prior to disembarkation. One card is exchanged only by one cruise ticket. The consumption shall be categorized in any of the following three aspects.
2.2 The passengers can also report the loss of the card to the reception desk for supplement In case the card is missing. The cost for reproducing of the card is 200.00 baht. And such loss should be borne by the passengers.

3. The weight and volume limitation of baggage

3.1 Each passenger is allowed to carry baggage free which is limited up to 25 kg. or a volume of one cubic meter. The overweight charges shall be borne in specific circumstances. (USD$ 10/kg)
3.2 Flammable and explosive substances or poisonous materials are extremely prohibited.

4. Matters need particular attention

4.1 The service scope of the Cruise ticket including free buffet as well as accommodation on board in trip.
4.2 The cruise company reserves the right to refuse embarkation to any is recommended that passengers purchase their own travel insurance policies.
4.2 The service scope of the cruise ticket excluding port service charge, fuel sub-charge and land sightseeing fees.
4.3 Each passenger will require Cambodia visa on arrival and also Thailand visa on arrival.
4.4 In accordance with the international practice the cruise shall collect from the passenger service charge for US$ 5.00 per day and Thailand Visa fee 1200 THB and 650 THB Cambodia entry fee.
4.5 Each passenger should carry four passport size photograph (white background) require to process for Thailand visa and Cambodia on arrival on the Cruise.
4.6 Passage for pregnant women’s will only be permitted before their 24th week of pregnancy and doctor’s certificate stating that they are fit to travel must be provided. For those in 25 weeks of pregnancy or later, passage will not be permitted. Ocean Dream Cruises reserves the right to refuse to embark any passengers whose medical condition is not made known during reservation or prior to sailing, and shall not be required to refund any portion of fare paid by the aforementioned passengers.
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